Thursday, March 13, 2008

You just can't go wrong!

Apples are the perfect study snack...:) I had one this morning at around 9 o'clock, just to keep myself going through chemistry.

Lunch rolled around, and I had only one thing on my mind...pb&j on waffles!!! You just can't go wrong...especially when its paired with a glass of vanilla hemp-milk. Pure bliss..:D


VeggieGirl said...

pb&j waffles + hempmilk + apples = heavenly!!! by the way, the braeburn apples are finally tasting good - score!! I get a break from eating fujis everyday finally, haha ;0)

Anonymous said...

You have the most fantastic looking breakfast. Combining Waffles with PB&J is just marvelous!

Katie said...

yeah those waffles look great. what brand are they?

michelle said...

What type of containers do you use to store left over food for the refrigerator and for the freezer?

Emma said...

Wow sarah! That looks good! I know you mentioned it before, but what brand of waffles do you like? And I love that you cut your waffles up into pieces...all the more to savor! Have a great rest of your Thursday!

Sarah said...

veggiegirl---Yay!! :D SO glad to hear that you're getting the chance to eat some other flavorful apples now! :) My store is starting to get more and more varieties in now too, which is making me excited to try the new flavors again. I was going through a whole lot of cortlands for a while, which I love, but its definitely nice getting a change! :D

romina---waffles and pb&j are definitely one of my faves! :)

katie---These are the Life Stream Organic Flax waffles...they're my favorites when it comes to the frozen brands. :) A bit pricey but they last a while when you spread them out over a couple of weeks...:)

michelle---I like using tupperware containers. I find that the small rectangular shaped ones are perfect for single serving sizes. :)

emma---The LifeStream Organic Flax waffles are my favorite! The flax in them gives them a bit of a nuttty bite which I love. :)

Hope your enjoying your Thursday!! :)

Anonymous said...

Those waffles look so good!!

beehappy said...

Since you eat salads for dinner so often how are you full? I had an early salad dinner tonight and am so hungry. It had protein on it too.

Also, do you go to school from home? You mention your family often.

michelle said...

are those similar to belgium waffels? they look good!

Sarah said...

beehappy---They fill me up with the right amount of ingredients and the right variety...I guess its all about finding what suits you the best and what works (or doesn't!!)

For me, I literally *fill* up a plate with mixed greens and various veggies (about 1/2 a 5 oz. bag) and top it with 1/2 cup beans, walnuts, seeds, etc, and a fruit. Usually I'll pair it with some kashi crackers and a glass of milk, unless its a night that I'm not feeling hungry...all those things combined fill me right up. :)

Yep, I live at home and commute to school because its SO much more affordable! :D

michelle---Mmm...belgian waffles are good too! :) These taste similair to the belgian waffles I've had before...nice and soft on the inside and a little crispy on the outside...perfecto! :)