Thursday, March 27, 2008

Making the scary!

I've been thinking for a long time now, about becoming a vegetarian. And to be scares me to death. I feel as if I'm pretty close to being one already, and I honestly think I'd enjoy the food better. So what's holding me back?
Cookouts with cheeseburgers and family members. I'm French...being vegetarian just isn't "normal." Of course, having a brother who's been vegetarian for a year now will help least the term 'vegetarian' isn't so bizarre and "out there" as if I came in at first. Kudos to him for not caring what people think!

Okay, BUT, I'm different...I don't think I can do this cold-turkey, so I'm going about it the slow and easy way. I'm still drinking milk and eating eggs, and I'm still allowing myself "one slip-up" a week to cover for those random cookouts or eating out, or when a meaty meal that I just happen to enjoy comes around (such as salmon on the grill or burgers at a family cookout.) Maybe someday I'll reach the point where I can actually call myself a vegetarian. But for now...I'll just wean my way into the new culinary experience.

How has my family reacted to this new decision of "meat only once a week?" To be honest, I haven't told them yet. I have this funny fealing its going to come up this week though, considering we have more then one "meat meal" planned (sausages, ham&corn chowder, cod, and hotdogs and beans.)

On to lunch. I came back from a 5-mile run, feeling absolutely wonderful. I had a large breakfast this morning, and a starchy meal last night, which resulted in a ton of energy. I love that feeling. :D After coming back, I wanted something fresh and light, so I had the rest of the kashi crackers and a huge salad that was made up of spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, an orange, 2 egg whites, garbanzo beans, and Annie's Organic Raspberry Vinaigrette...everything hit the spot, and I'm nice and full now.

I should get back to work...I've been sleeping just a tad bit later in the mornings now which I think is actually helping me be even more productive then normal. I'm a big morning person, but an extra hour of sleep is sometimes exactly what a person needs to stay focused for the day. :)
Happy Thursday everyone!! :D

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