Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oat Bran

I made my breakfast, took one look at it, and thought I had made an ultimate flop. For one thing, I added too much flax (2 time I'll just add 1), and since I added 1/4 cup of vanilla hemp to my already creamy bowl of oat bran, it seemed a little too...soupy?

BUT, once I added the toppings (the flax, about 10 cashews, 5 chopped dates and maple syrup,) everything thickened perfectly, and the flavors all melded together in perfect and creamy deliciousness.

The taste was wonderful, but next time I'll be sure to keep eye appeal in mind and mix in the flax with the bran. I think I might cut the syrup out too, since I actually prefer my breakfast less sweet then this ended up turning out. :D

Not bad for my first experiment with oatbran and flax though...haha. :)


Anonymous said...

Mmm I'm loving oat bran. Today is my second day making it, and I kind of like its soupiness, it's much more voluminous I find. Lots of fiber too!

Sarah said...

Yep, I have to agree...I find its keeping me full for much longer too. Not to mention how quick it is to make as well...its an all around great breakfast treat. :)

Simple and Divine said...

THIS LOOKS SO DIVINE! Would you mind sending some to Philadelphia? I'd really appreciate it!!! :)