Friday, March 14, 2008

Blueberry Bliss

Last day of classes before spring break!! I'm pretty excited, but have to make sure I stay motivated to get the rest of my homework done before the week finishes/starts. haha...

For breakfast I had a big bowl of cereal (1 cup Kashi Honey GoLean Crunch, 1 cup Kashi 7-Grain Puff, 1 cup milk) with 1 cup of frozen (dethawed of course) wild blueberries. Simply delicious. The best part is the milk after you finish eating, because it gets all sweet from the blueberries and honey cereal...yum! :D

Okay, I'm off to work a bit before heading off to school. HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! :D :D


VeggieGirl said...

I had blueberries this morning as well - so glad that they're coming into season!! hooray!! haha, I perhaps get a BIT too excited about produce ;0)

Hopefully your classes will go by quickly today, so that you can officially go on spring break already! Enjoy! :0)

Sarah said...

veggiegirl---haha...I get overly excited about produce stuff too. How can you not when everythings starting to get so fresh tasting and wonderful as we get closer and closer to summer? hooray! :D