Saturday, March 15, 2008

Day of Shopping...:)

My mom, sister, and I went out shopping this afternoon and made an entire day of it. It was great having some "family girl" time, and the fact that we ran into some good sales was just an extra bonus. :D

Here's the day's recap! Sorry about the blurry photos!! I didn't bring my usual camera which meant not as great quality...:-/

12:00---We stopped at Friendly's for lunch, where I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with the dressing on the side...I decided that I was definitely more in the mood for ketchup, and went with that instead. On the side I had a bowl of veggies and a few dill pickles...yum! I ate 1/2 the sandwich, which kept me going strong through a day of shopping...haha. :) For dessert I had a dish of cookies and cream icecream...yum!
3:30---I saw a starbucks and couldn't resist an iced was exactly what I was in the mood for. I also split a fruit salad with my mom and sister...I think its so cool that starbucks offers this for a snack. They also had veggie sticks, yogurt, and low-fat milk...makes me happy to know there are more and more healthy options for people out there. :D
5:30---For the ride home, I had a boysenberry yogurt and some apple slices for dunking...:)
6:30---By the time I got home, the one and only food I was craving was something warm and comforting..ah yes, what else but vanilla hemp milk with some ezekiel cereal? So good, and it hit the spot perfectly. :)

LUNCH: 1/2 a Grilled Chicken Sandwich, side of mixed veggies, and pickles...:)
Dessert: Dish of Cookies and Cream Icecream: one of my favorite flavors...besides mint cookies and cream which is my all-time fave...:)
Afternoon Snack: Fruit Cup to split with the girls, and an iced coffee.
Snack for the ride home: Yogurt and apple slices for dunking.
Perfect Warm and Comforting Supper: Vanilla hemp milk with ezekiel cereal...sooo creamy and tasty. :)

Now I'm off to relax for the rest of the night...hope you're all enjoying your weekend! :)

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Breakfast for dinner is so much fun!