Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Celery Canoes, Veggies n' Sauce, and getting back into the swing of things!

Sorry for the mix-up!! You think I'd learn my lesson after the first time I tried closing temporarily, only to have the old address taken over, BUT...I didn't. So this is the new address (same as old, only with the number 505 at the end...) In an attempt to catch up with what was lost, I'll just start with this afternoon's snack...:)

I found out through hungrygirl.com, that it's national celery month! What better way to celebrate then with some celery canoes? :D I had two big stalks of celery with 1 T. peanut butter, and enjoyed every bite. I used to eat this all the time when I was small, except I never had it without raisins (I think it was due to the name of "ants on a log" that attracted me the most...haha.)

Tonight for supper, I wanted to actually try my whole idea of being in love with a good tomato sauce and how good it would taste over steamed veggies. So I steamed up a bunch of veggies (broccoli, carrot, and a HUGE handful of spinach which, of course, decreases greatly after being steamed), mixed in with a little bit of spaghetti, and topped with some homemade sauce and parmesan cheese. SOO delish!! :)

I'm off to get some homework done before the Bigges Loser!! :)


Emma said...

wow your pasta sauce/ steam veggie thing sounds like something I would enjoy! and I love peanut butter with celery!

ps. your blue oatmeal looks soo cool! I wish I could afford blue berries! haha

Annie said...

Glad you got your blog back! I love ants on a log, especially if you drizzle a little bit of honey on top...yumm!
And your pasta looks so good, vegis and tomato sauce, what could be better!

VeggieGirl said...

thank goodness you still have your blog!! I got worried!!

your pasta dish looks divine - nothing beats an abundance of vegetables and tomato sauce on top!

haha, I found out about National Celery Month from the Hungry Girl e-newsletter for today :0D I love celery sticks with almond-butter and raisins - yum!

I love swirling blueberries into my oatmeal - it makes such a gorgeous blue/violet color!

hk said...

me too...I couldn't find it for a little bit there...jeepers, what's with your address being stolen, huh? Great looking din!! night :)

Sarah said...

emma---Blueberries are crazy expensive, aren't they? I like buying mine frozen when they go on sale, so it's about $3 a bag and serves about 3 cups worth. Not *too* bad for the occasional treat...the fresh ones are going to have to wait for the summer. :D

annie---Mmm...I didn't think of drizzling honey on them. That sounds amazing! :)

veggiegirl---Don't you just love that color the blueberries give it? Makes me excited for spring. :)

hk---haha...I have absolutely no idea. Hopefully it won't happen again *crossing fingers.* As long as I can remember not to try messing with the address, it shouldn't happen. Let's see if I'll actually learn my lesson this time...haha.