Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Deja Vu?

Nope! Just me and a typical salad that looks a whole lot like my snack from last night. :D I was still feeling full from lunch, but a nice big salad always sounds appealing. I ate through about 1/4 of it before realizing I had forgotten to add an orange to the could I forget one of the best parts? :) So I snapped another picture with the orange, and enjoyed the sweet salad tasty and flavorful! :)

Here's a pretty basic day's recap...

11:00---Kashi bar
Yep, definitely a late lunch!!
for supper!!

And now I'm off to not procastinate and get some homework done! One more day of classes---Friday---and then I'll be on spring break...woohoo!! :D


Sheryl said...

How do you buy and wash your lettuce? You eat a lot of salads, so I am figuring you are a pro!

VeggieGirl said...

I commend you for not procrastinating - I don't have any assignments due tomorrow, but I COULD be working on a paper that's due on Monday... na, I think I'll continue to procrastinate ;0)

That is quite a delicious "deja vu" salad, hehe :0D

Robin said...

Hi, I am new to cooking and would like to try your black bean soup. You seem to like it a lot and it looks simple enough to try. Two questions. I don't have hot sauce, do you think that will make a difference?

Also, what flavor does thyme add, I don't have that either, but can buy some, I just am curious as to what it adds. Like I said I am new to all cooking, so thanks in advance :)

Sarah said...

sheryl---I'm not sure if I do it the "proper way" or not, but I like buying 3 different types of lettuces and mixing all together. I'll buy romaine heads of lettuc, wash them at home, and allow them to dry off on a paper towel before refrigerating (to avoid the 'mushy syndrome' that lettuce likes to get when wet!)

The heads of lettuce are usually much cheaper then the bags of lettuce, but my grocery store occasionally will sell a "3-in-1" mixed green bag, which is pretty cheap. These are pre-washed, so I mix them along with some pre-washed baby spinach leaves for a quick and easy put-together salad. :)

robin---The hot sauce helps to give it a bit of a "bite" when you're eating it (almost like a mild chili recipe would do,) but you could either add a different hot spice or skip it altogether. :)

The thyme sort of helps to round out the flavor in a mild way, but I'm pretty sure you could cut it out with too much of a taste change...

Hope it turns out good for you! Remember not to be afraid to experiment and add flavors based on what you like...sometimes smelling the herbs and spices from the bottle while making the food will tell you if it will mix well, or if you will like that flavor (taste is based largely on smell, which is odd but helpful in the kitchen! :D)