Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My weakness is revealed.

There's something wonderful about cooking cornbread in a skillet. It has a nice rustic, old-fashioned charm to it. And this recipe from Veganomicon did NOT disappoint...

I was craving a good batch of cornbread for lunch...usually I'll stick to whole-grains, because it keep me going for much longer and it just makes me feel better. However, when the urge for a peice of hot-from-the-oven golden corn bread calls my name, there's no saying "no." :D

This is probably one of my favorite feel-good meals, and if I wasn't so dead set against using the phrase "guilty pleasure," I'd be sure to use it here. I paired a hot slice of corn bread, spread with a bit of smart balance, with a bowl of vegetarian baked beans and a side salad. Heavenly!!!...I could eat the entire pan. weakness has now been discovered. Not sweets...not meat...not salty foods...and not just any old bread either. Plain and simple: cornbread.
I could have picked at the cornbread all afternoon, but stuck to one slice. It will still taste good tomorrow, after all, warmed up with a bit of jam and butter, as a side to my breakfast or lunch. :)

Now I'm finishing my meal with a glass of hot milk (just adding to the 'old fashioned' rustic feel :D, and a sweet apple. My tastebuds are incredibly happy. :)


Ganador said...

Interesting blog. Congratulation.

VeggieGirl said...

mmm, that cornbread looks AMAZING!! deelish. and I love the apple :0)

I'm so glad to see you posting, Sarah!

Emma said...

wow that cornbread looks great! yummy!