Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday Productivity...:)

This morning turned out to be super productive. I stayed focused instead of procastinating, know?'s amazing how much that actually helps. ha...I'm queen of procastination, but as long as I make an effort to get work done in the morning, the day usually follows through pretty smoothly. :)

This morning I had a bowl of plain, low-fat yogurt with an orange, while enjoying the warmth of the sun and studying. :)

For lunch, I ate the rest of the salmon from last night's dinner. I love cold salmon, placed on top of a bed of mixed greens and spinach...makes for a very tasty and satisfying salad. Thank goodness it's shopping day...I literally finished off all the veggies in the house (a few celery spears, a carrot, a few tomato chunks, and about 1/2 c. chic peas), and added 2 T. balsamic vinagaigrette on top. The kashis on the side, of course, were a must. :)

For dessert, I started with 1/2 a banana...but after realizing how super sweet and ripe this guy was, I couldn't resist and ate the other 1/2 as well. :D

The sun is shining, and it's supposed to reach 40 degrees today...if that's not the perfect excuse for a good afternoon run, I don't know what is!

Plans: homework, run, grocery I should get moving and get started..I want to keep this productive day on a role! :)


Emma said...

yum Kashis! What flavor is your favorite?

hk said...

yum, looks like a good "kitchen clean-out" combo of veggies!! good luck studying!

Robin said...

Yeah....I just found your blog again, I thought you stopped! You said someone keeps taking it over, I didn't even know that was possible!

Two questions, how do you defrost your blueberries? In a bowl or in the bag they come in or something else?

Also, would you mind posting your tomato sauce recipe...the one you put all the veggies on top of? It looks so good!

Sarah said...

emma---Hmm..thats a tough one. When it comes down to choosing, though, I always seem to go straight for the Originals. I like the Fire Roasted Vegetable, and I'll sometimes buy Ranch or Cheddar, but the originals just go with everything (pb, soup, crackers, cottage cheese...) and the flavor just can't be beat. :D They're all so yummy though...:)

robin---Well, the whole 'taking over' thing wouldn't be possible if I didn't keep changing the address for a short period. haha...I did that to try and clean up the website a bit and organize, only to have the previous website taken over again. I just don't know how or why they keep doing that...:-/

I defrost the blueberries right in a bowl, so they're all ready to pour into whatever the next morning. So easy! :D

The sauce is actually my mom's homemade "secret recipe," but I'll see if she's willing to share over the weekend. :D I'll let ya know if I post it up in the recipe section! :)