Friday, March 14, 2008

Okra...attempt #1...

I've been wanting to try okra for as long as I can remember, and I decided to pick up a bag of frozen chopped okra at the grocery store. Ahem...warning: do not attempt this meal at home! haha...

If theres anyone out there who knows all about how to properly cook it, PLEASE let me know! I steamed it, but apparently overdid it. It came out kind of gummy and overly soft. Eeks...I want to try it again, because I know I'm not giving it justice, and I'm sure theres a better way of cooking this stuff!

The rest of the meal was quite good though. It was a random concoction of leftovers...marinara sauce (from cookinglight, which I just froze and popped on the stovetop along with some white beans and extra basil,) atop a warm scoop of creamy polenta. YUM! I absolutely love polenta.

And, since the family was having a boiled dinner, I saved some cabbage on the side for myself because I absolutely love it sauteed as is, with just a little salt and pepper. Delicious...:)

So yes, aside from the okra, it was quite a delicious meal (even if it was slightly random!) :)

**Forgot to add that I also had 1/2 a guinness beer with brother had come home with some for the St. Patty's Day meal, so I couldn't resist (even if my meal wasn't exactly "St Patricks Dayish"...haha. I don't drink very often, but do enjoy it every once in a while...:)

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