Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Out to Lunch...:)

I had a late lunch planned for today, so I brought along a little snack to tide me over: a Trail Mix Kashi bar and a granny smith apple...both very tasty and satisfying. :)
I'd never gone to this mexican restaurant before, so I had no idea what the portions were going to be like. Turns out they are huge!! Definitely big enough to be split between two people, but...I ate the entire burrito! was really very tasty. The wrap was nice and soft, and it was stuffed with beans, tomatoes, spinach, lots of fresh cilantro, rice, lettuce, and cheese. On the side was a huge serving of guacamole, and it was tasty as can be....nice and chunky, just the way I like it. :)
I feel just right, and not overstuffed, which is something I love about having all those fresh ingredients in a burrito. No greasiness or "pit in the stomach" feeling! :)
Off to go for a walk now! I'm feeling sleepy, and some fresh air is probably just what I need...:)


VeggieGirl said...

WOW look at that burrito - it's packed with so many flavorful ingredients! Yum! Glad you ate the whole thing, and enjoyed it :0)

courtney said...

is that a chipotle burrito!?! looks delish!

Sarah said...

courtney---This one wasn't, but they did have that flavor as well!! I went for the "basic burrito" which was so full of flavor and I LOVE cilantro, which it was full of. So good! :D