Friday, March 7, 2008

Back from chemistry lab!!

I've finally returned from chemistry lab, had my supper, and am feeling quite happy and content now that the weekend is here. :D Even though I have a test on Monday (Geography exam,) I planned out that tomorrow I'll only have to study for a bit and have the rest of the day free for whatever...can't wait! :D

Here's the official day's recap! :)

8:30---On the ride to my classes, I munched on the bag of carrots and tomatoes that I had packed. The tomatoes were super sweet and delicious...I already went through a pint of tomatoes just from yesterday and today, through salads and snacking. haha...I also ended up eating my pear. It's much easier to eat and enjoy a whole fruit when I'm sitting down in my car then when I'm in class and trying to avoid making too much noise (not always easy to do with a pear...;)
11:00---I ended up leaving the banana nut odwalla bar that I had taken a picture of at home by mistake, but thankfully I had an extra snack-sized peanut crunch odwalla in my backpack, which hit the spot perfectly. I'm so happy I decided to pack one in my bag...:)
1:00---Lunch couldn't have come soon enough! Although I liked the idea of having a salad for lunch, it was so far off from breakfast that I was definately starting to feel the grumbly stomach coming on! Once I actually got around to eating it though, I decided it was well worth the wait. :D It was jam packed with slices, beet slices, sunflower seeds, black beans, and some really yummy dressing that I just tried: Annie's Organic Raspberry Vinaigrette. I loved the taste of this stuff, especially since I kind of had a "fruity theme" going with the oranges. :) Oh, funny story though...I forgot to bring a fork along, and ended up eating with a spoon. A little awkward, yes, but at least it forced me to eat (very) slowly...teehee! :D
2:00---Right before heading to lab, I ate a yogurt for some extra energy...yum! :)
6:30---Lab was longer then expected, but finally the experiment carried through. Phew...I'm so glad that lab is only every other week! :D Supper was delicious! My dad cooked up some chicken on the grill, using a spice rub that we got for a Christmas gift (my best guess is that it was made with cajun, paprika and garlic salt), and I steamed some asparagus on the side, along with some mashed potatoes and...more beets! :D So tasty...:)

Morning Snacks and Lunch: Pear, Carrots & Tomatoes, Huge Salad, and Yogurt...scratch that odwalla bar out! I ended up eating a snack-sized peanut crunch odwalla instead, which still managed to hit the spot...
Close up of a tasty salad...
Supper: Steamed Asparagus, Mashed potatoes, beets, and grilled chicken...sooo very tasty! :)

I don't know about you guys, but I'm on "relax mode" now that the weekend is finally here...I hope you guys are enjoying your Friday night! :)


Anonymous said...

I love that relieved feeling you get when the weekend finally rolls in.

Your dinner looks marvelous! Nice assortment of veggies. =) I have a love affair with beets. I must get some from my freezer soon!

Sarah said...

romina---I'm right there with you! I could eat beets with everything...they're so tasty! I can hardly wait until I can start buying them fresh again...:)