Friday, March 21, 2008

My Favorite Things...

I served myself one of my favorite lunches today, and was so full by the end that I couldn't even eat my bowl of fruit. It's okay though, because it will make the perfect topping in a bowl of yogurt for a snack later...yum! :D

So what's inside that sandwich? 2 T. of dill hummus (my favorite savory flavor!), shredded carrot, and lots and lots of spinach. All toasted together for a wonderful mix of flavors, crunch, and nutrition. :)

On the side I had some Annie's Whole Wheat bunny crackers, a large mish-mash of various veggies, and a glass of milk. This is one of those lunches that keeps me full for a long time, and is so much fun to eat because of all the different foods available to pick at and taste. :D

Happy FRIDAY everyone! :)


Anonymous said...

Dill hummus?? I've never heard of that, but it sounds delicious!!!

hk said...

that lunch looks like it ROCKED! YUM :)

Sarah said...

romina---You should definitely try it! Especially if you enjoy the dilliness of pickles...hehe. :D It taste great paired with veggies.

hk---It's definitely one of my faves...:) And it kept me going for hours, which is an extra bonus. :D