Sunday, March 9, 2008

Good but Busy Sunday!

I try not to let the entire day go by before updating the blog, but it seems like that's what's been happening lately! Today was another busy day, but in a good way. I feel as if I got a lot done with studying for tomorrow's test, while also heading out for a short "window shopping" spree with my sister (aka, trying on designer clothes that are adorable but non-affordable and taking lots of fun photos...hehe...:)
Sunday's Recap:
I wasn't expecting the breakfast to hold me over for quite so long, but it really did...I still wasn't feeling all too hungry at this time, but knew I would be starving at lunch if I didn't have a little bite to eat. So I chose a golden delicious apple with a Laughing Cow Cheese which made for a tasty little snack.
1:00---Lunch was okay...tasty, but very "meaty." I think next time I'll try bulking it up with more veggies and a little less meat. The taste was great though...a nice well-rounded spicy flavor. :) The recipe is from Cooking Light:
On the side I had a delicious salad...I'm so in love with this new salad dressing!! :D
1:30---Once lunch settled just a little, I had a cute little lumpy pear as a tasty!
5:00---Time for a snack!! I had a lemon yogurt with 1 T. sunflower seeds on top. Perfect for that "am I in the mood for something sweet or salty?" get the best of both worlds! ;)
5:30---Supper was quick and easy...I just reheated yesterday's black bean soup with some kashi crackers for a yummy supper. Perfect for a cold, windy March supper. :)
Mid-Morning Snack: Golden Delicious Apple and Cheese
Lunch: Turkey Tamale Potpie
Side Salad to Accompany my Lunch...:)
Dessert: The cutest little pear...not to mention, tasty as well. :)
Sweet-n-Salty Afternoon Snack: Lemon Yogurt with Sunflower Seeds
Supper: Leftover Black Bean Soup with some Kashi Crackers...nice ending to a sunny but cold winter day! :)

Can't believe its already the end of the weekend!! Hope everyones feeling refreshed and ready for the week! I know I am, because I'm already planning some fun shopping trips to whole foods...:) I think its always a good idea to fit in some fun times during the week as well (coffee dates, just-for-fun food shopping, or even taking the time to read in a good book and drink a cup of hot tea...) makes the week so much more enjoyable then simply waiting for the weekend to come (which I oftentimes find myself doing...ugh.)

I've already decided that this week is going to be great...:D


Andrea said...

mmm i never thought of putting sunflower seeds in yogurt (i usually use almonds) - but it looks fantastic!! i love how you do the recap at the end of the day with times too... it's very helpful. by the way i notice you ate bfast at 6:30 but there's no picture of it? do u have the same each morning?
have a great week!

VeggieGirl said...

wow, you had a busy Sunday, indeed!! and one filled with scrumptious eats, as always :0) I'm quite envious of your golden delicious apple - the only good apples around here nowadays are fuji, jazz, and pink lady apples; and while I DO love those apple varieties, I miss my beloved golden delicious ones! enjoy it for me :0)

time for another week to begin!

Sarah said...

andrea---Oh...sorry! The breakfast post was actually separate, right below the combined lunch/supper posts! I know its kind of confusing the way I happened to work it out today.

veggiegirl---Aww...I hope the golden delicious apples will come out soon for you!! I'm actually jealous of your pink ladies! haha...we haven't had any good ones lately at the store, but those are one of my favorites along with the golden delicious...they're so yummy!

Have a great week! :)

Priscilla said... all looks good!

VeggieGirl said...

I say we do an apple-swap via mail, hahaha :0)