Sunday, March 2, 2008

Back From the Bridal Shower...

I just came back from a beautiful bridal shower. I was happy to be sitting at the same table as one of my aunts, who is great at keeping conversation going and could make you laugh for hours on end. She always makes for a great time...:)

After coming back from church, I knew I wouldn't be eating until later since the shower started at 2, so I munched on 1/2 an odwalla snack-sized bar with an apple to help hold me over.

I brought my small camera with me, which explains the overly bright photo!! I had a chicken finger roll, some macaroni salad, lots of veggies, and some fruit salad...everything was delicious, and I liked having food that I could 'pick at' throughout the day...:)

I'm so happy that this weekend was so relaxing and refreshing, and I hope you all have had a great weekend as well!! :)

**Rather then adding an entirely new post, I figured I'd just add my supper and dessert to my lunch post! :)

Supper was kept simple (and warm!) with the last of the soup from yesterday, along with some kashi crackers. I'm so happy I'm on to a new box of kashis! The last type I bought was ranch, and as yummy as they are, you just don't have as many options of pairing them with things (ranch and peanut butter just don't mix! haha)

I was in the mood for something sweet afterwards, so I chose a peice of cranberry date bar from the shower. It hit the sweet spot for delicious when paired with a glass of milk! :)

I'm hoping to hit the gym tomorrow night, so we'll see what happens with that. It's supposed to rain on Tuesday, so I'd love to get a good run in around the weather...I think its time for me to overcome my 'gym-aphobic' ways...haha...;)


VeggieGirl said...

aww, so nice that the bridal shower was a lovely event - glad you had fun!

such a colorful plate of food you've got there - yum! :0)

Priscilla said...

I agree with veggie girl...such a colorful and delicious looking plate of food! Your bars look deelicious too!