Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday's Recap

Straight to the day's recap!! :)

9:00---Carrots and Tomatoes became my morning V8! :)
11:00---I was going to open up a can of Amy's Organic Soup, when my mom started cooking up a big batch of her homemade black bean soup, which just so happens to be one of my favorites...I was willing to wait for it despite my stomach grumbles, and ate a yogurt to hold me over. :)
12:00---Time for lunch!! I had a bowl of the black bean soup, along with a delicious salad of mixed greens, 2 T. sunflower seeds, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and 1 T. of Annie's Organic Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing. And, of course, kashis found their way into my lunch as well. :)

4:30---After shopping all afternoon, I started getting hungry...a KIND Fruit and Nut Bar did the trick. They're pricey, but make for a nice occasional treat for sure. :)
5:30---I wanted something quick and easy for supper, and really wasn't feeling all too hungry after eating the bar. SO, I went with a cup of cottage cheese, a whole wheat mini-bagel, and some low-sugar strawberry jam...For dessert, I chose a juicy ripe orange, which hit the spot perfectly.

My "Morning V8"...;)

Mid-Morning Yogurt!

Cafe-style lunch!...Bowl of black bean soup, salad with all kinds of yummy toppings, and kashi crackers on the side.


A very special---and tasty---treat: KIND fruit and nut bars. :)
A nice easy supper: Cottage cheese and a toasted whole wheat bagel with low-sugar strawberry jam.
Juicy Orange for Dessert! :)
Today has been great! Very relaxing and refreshing...hopefully it has been for you all as well! :) Oh, and don't forget about the time change for tomorrow!! I'm excited about having it brighter longer at the end of the day...:)


Robin said...

On weekdays in the morning when you make oatmeal do you clean your dishes before you leave or wait until you get home? I always find I run out of time!

Susan said...

Do you think your mom will share her black bean soup and marinara sauce recipes? They look so good!

Does that dinner really satisfy you?

Beth said...

Since you eat dinner so early (or at least did tonight) how do you prevent yourself from constantly snacking? I find myself constantly going to get a soft drink, gum, or sucking on candy and I really would like to stop the habit but it's hard when you are bored studying!

Emma said...

i really like those kind fruit n nut bars!!

and yay for no work suppers! i always feel boring with my meals, eating microwave or toaster food! but it's fast and when I'm so busy, sometimes that is the only way! I have a goal of making more dishes to portion out and fridge/freeze for later. have any good recipes? : )

Sarah said...

robin---I'm the same way! I usually run out of time before I can actually get around to them in the morning, but cleaning out a bowl of oatmeal hours later can take *forever* once it sticks on! I usually just rinse my dishes really good with water as soon as I use them, and place in the sink for when I get home. It's easier doing my entire "day's worth" of dishes at the end of the day...:)

susan---I can get the black bean soup recipe, but the sauce she insisted on keeping a "family recipe." :) I'll post the soup recipe up in the recipes section! :)

The dinner at the time really satisfied me. It wouldn't be the kind of meal I'd put on the table allll the time (I love a good balanced meal of fish, veggies, and rice...or pasta...or all the other goodies out there! :) but it makes for a nice quick meal that I can make in a flash. :) The protein/fiber combo helps hold me over, and I love cottage cheese and jam on bread, so my tastebuds were happy too...;)

beth---Good question! I know the feeling of being bored with studying...ugh.

Supper comes at all sporadic times for me, and I try my hardest to keep up with the "eat every 3-4 hours rule" even after supper, if I'll be staying up studying. If it's just a relaxing night, I don't feel as if I need any extra energy to keep me going, because I'm just lying down reading or watching tv.

If you're late-night studying, it's a good idea to have a little snack after supper. Sometimes I'll have a little bowl of cereal and 1/2 cup of milk around 8 or 9 to keep my energy up and to give myself a study break to "work for."

It helps to 'plan out' that time so that you can continue studying, knowing that in a couple of hours you can stop...not only does it help you get more work done in keeping you focused, it also means you can enjoy that one specific snack more then feeling bored and "snack-less." :)

emma---I'm all for fast and easy meals too! Especially on school nights, when it's impossible to scramble anything up in a hurry!

So far my favorite foods I've portioned out have been various soups (squash, black bean...), tomato sauces that I can put on top of steamed veggies, and chili that I double batch. They're all generally quick and easy in the first place, but even quicker when I place them in single-serve tupperware containers that I can pop in the microwave when I get home. :)

My favorite vegetarian chili recipe is at yummy!!: