Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Snack and Lunch

This morning I was craving some peanut butter (next time I plan on adding a spoonful to my hot cereal...:) so I paired a T. with an empire apple for a delicious snack. The sun was pouring through the windows, and everything felt so warm and cozy...:)
After a few hours of homework, I went out for a coffee with my brother to starbucks. I've been doing good about not drinking caffeine or splenda, but I ended up having both for a special treat. :) I went with a grande non-fat latte with a sugar-free mocha shot. So yummy...:) This picture, by the way, was taken at home after I had already drank it. I completely forgot my camera, but still managed to take an "after shot." :)

Lunch rolled around, and I was in the mood for a hot sandwich. So I went with a veggie theme, and had two slices of whole wheat bread, 2 T. artichoke-spinach hummus, 1 carrot thinly sliced, and spinach...all heated up on a griddle pan with pam spray. The bread was so soft and heavenly, and the hummus got all melty over the veggies. :) On the side I had a serving of Annie's Whole Wheat Crackers.

I'm going to get back to work so I can finish up a little early. It's pretty cold outside, but I'm hoping to see it warm up by later this afternoon for a run. :D


Anonymous said...

I think it's great once and a while to treat yourself to "forbidden" foods. I weaned myself off coffee and sweeteners, but once and a while I don't feel guilty. It won't kill you if you have it very rarely =)

Sarah said...

romina---Thats exactly how I feel! :) I feel like I've reached the point where I don't necessarily need the caffeine and sweeteners, so its nice having a coffee because I want one (rather then having caffeine cravings and headaches..never again! haha)

Emma said...

haha i totally bought those annie's ww crackers last night!! still waiting to try them!!

Sarah said...

emma---really? haha..we seem to like a lot of the same foods. :D These are really tasty...I love them with sandwiches. :)