Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dieting on cottage cheese?

It's kind of funny to be starting this photo-food-journal without, but I had a little vent I needed to make about the latest Cuisine At Home magazine that I picked up. Looking over all the nutritionals, and reading the articles, I was pretty saddened over what was considered "healthy" and the attitudes of the writers about "health food." Since when did eating healthy have to be eating carrots with cottage cheese every day? No wonder the editor gave up on trying to lose weight...

As much as I love cottage cheese (paired with fruit and crackers = yum!) I think its sad that "dieters" have to feel pressured into eating stuff they hate. Life is too short to not enjoy good food...and in my opinion, healthy food oftentimes taste better then the "not so healthy" stuff. Depriving yourself and forcing yourself to eat something you hate will only make you hate and fear food in general, which is definately not a good, healthy approach to eating and life.

Okay, done venting...and now I'm having a strange craving for cottage cheese.