Saturday, March 1, 2008

Workout Hunger!

Let's get right to the day's recap!! :)

10:00---Morning Snack (aka, banana sandwich! :)
3:00---Me and my sister went out again today, since the roads were cleared up, and the sun finally popped its head out! We ended up both getting a skim latte with sugar-free mocha syrup (not pictured!) which I absolutely loved! I've been making sure that I go easy on caffeine lately, so I definitely appreciate lattes more now then I ever have. :)
5:00---Even though my sister and I had talked about going to the gym, it was still sort of a last minute decision. I had the option of eating before going or waiting till I came back. And I decided that I'd rather be slightly hungry then cramping up at the gym, so I grabbed 1/2 a snack-sized peanut crunch odwalla bar (also not pictured! I'm just "off" today!) for some energy, and had an amazing workout! I didn't know how to adjust the treadmill, and it was left on an incline the entire time. So even though I didn't do the same mileage as I do on the road, I felt like I got a great workout in and had so much fun while I was at it. I think my sister is finally succeeding in converting me into actually enjoying the gym! haha...I'm still much more a fan of running outdoors, but the gym made for a great change. :)
7:30---Today didn't follow my normal eating pattern, which left me feeling pretty hungry for supper, which ALSO means I wasn't patient in trying to snap a photo! made for an unphotogenic meal as I threw everything together, but it definitely hit the spot and was super tasty. The meat recipe (pork tenderloin, a very lean meat) is taken from a Light and Tasty magazine, and was super juicy and moist. I'm actually not much of a meat person, but I did really enjoy this...:) I had some potatoes, turnips, two little asparagus spears (my brother who's a vegetarian was home, which means the veggies were being spread out a little thin between the family members...haha), and a slice of Arnold's German Dark Wheat sandwich bread. Afterwards I snacked on an apple...

I didn't actually get a chance to get any homework done today, but I'm okay with that! After a busy week of studying and exams, it felt good to have a day where I didn't open up any school books. Tomorrow is back to normal, but for now I'm enjoying a little bit of a break...:)

Enjoy the weekend everyone! :)

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hk said...

sounds like a good day to me!! glad you were able to take a break from homework, it's always nice to feel as though one day a week doesn't have to be devotes to school work. you're meals look/sound yummy!